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Are you in pain? Have you experienced an injury? Then you may require physiotherapy to help deal with your issue.

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Shephard Health is able to offer Calgary Physiotherapy patients our highly experienced and skilled team of physical therapists. Our therapist are able to assess and treat your musculoskeletal injuries and conditions*. All assessments and treatments are performed by licensed physiotherapists only. We believe in taking the time necessary in providing personal, one on one care. Our friendly and relaxed at atmosphere enables our clients to feel comfortable – not intimidated or rushed during their treatments. We believe that education and knowledge related to your particular injury is key in order for you to self treat and optimally manage your condition. We want to facilitate the healing process while avoiding re-injury.

We can combine Physiotherapy with other treatment options like Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, Active Release Therapy and Chiropractic Treatments.

What Can Physiotherapy Treat?

Muscular aches: the most common muscular pain is back ache or neck tension, which affects a high percentage of people. Physiotherapy can be used to ease stiffness, reduce pain and encourage blood flow to the muscles and joints. Massage therapy can also used to reduce tension around aching muscles.

Sports injuries: aches and pains are common following a frantic and physically demanding period of exertion. Often sports players use physiotherapy to ease aches as well as increase flexibility and to reduce stiffness. If an injury has occurred physiotherapy can help speed up the healing and rehabilitation process.

Arthritis: as people age, they are more likely to develop arthritis which can affect the joints and reduce mobility. Physiotherapy can help to ease stiffness in the joints and to increase blood flow to the muscles and tissues to allow for an enhanced range of physical movement. Physiotherapy can also help to build up your strength and stamina. The exercises are often gentler for older people who are usually more fragile.

Rehabilitation: recovery and rehabilitation processes are instrumental to the well being of a patient especially in the case of a serious automobile or sports injury accident or a complex medical problem. Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program’s can be carried out to improve circulation, build up muscle strength and restore normal bodily functions. In cases where an individual has experienced a serious accident such as a car crash it may be necessary to learn how to walk, sit up and turn over again which could require a long period of intensive physiotherapy; this rehabilitation may include all aspects of treatment in order to facilitate the healing process and control pain.

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