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What Patients Are Saying

At Shephard Health, we have had the pleasure of helping many patients achieve their goals over the years. Below are independent online reviews as well as links to many internet review sites.

Online Review Sources:

My experience here as been amazing! Dr. Shepard and his team are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been waking up pain-free for the first time in a long time since receiving treatment. I’ll be recommending this clinic to everyone!

Melissa on Google

Dr. Jay and his staff have helped me recover from numerous sports-related injuries over the years. The knowledge, level of care, professionalism, and consistency this practice delivers is amazing. If your an athlete with any kind of injury and looking for answers, I would highly recommend paying Shephard Health a visit.

Curtis on Google

Amazing first experience. Dr. Shephard and his team took care of me on my first visit. Haven’t felt this good in over a month since my accident and previous therapy by another health provider.

H. Ng on Google

Best chiropractic services ever!! Went there a couple years ago for low back pain and they fixed me!! I feel so much better! Now I’m back with jaw muscle spasms TMJ issues and I’m already feeling relief!! Not to mention dr jay and his staff are so friendly and professional I highly recommend this place if you want your pain gone!! 10 thumbs up!!

Dahlia on Google

Dr. Shephard and his team are great, you feel welcome the moment you walk in. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Would highly recommend!

Emy on Google

I am so grateful I went here! Dr. Jay and his staff are friendly, transparent and well informed about what I need to help get me moving. Before going to Shepard Health, I was discouraged about seeking out MORE treatment after 7 months of physio at 2 different locations with little results. I cannot believe the difference I’ve seen in such a short time with Shepard Health! This is the most stable and pain-free my knees have felt in almost 2 years. I’ve been told previously that I need physio, massage, active releasem, etc. to get my knees where they need to be. Who can afford all those services separately? At Shepard Health, they do it all! My fist time at Shepard Health I received 5 different treatments that helped tremendously. I wish I would have started my treatment journey here instead of wasting time & money elsewhere. Thank you so much for giving me my mobility back!

Kylie on Google

Sylvia and I have been patients of Dr. Jay since 2007. We continue to see him for our chiropractic needs as a result of his excellent care and highly recommend him.

Syliva on Google

Very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable team led by Jay. Thank you to them for helping me thru my injury! God bless!

Account Payable on Google

You have to call jay if you are looking for a chiropractor in Calgary! He was professional and his team had 5 different types of treatments for my alinement issues. Thanks again Jay

Connor on Google

Dr.Shephard has been treating me for 8 weeks now and I can’t believe the progress I have had. We are just reducing the treatment as I have responded well to his diverse use of new age treatment techniques and patient specific treatment protocols! I am always warmly greeted by name and made to feel a part of the family from the moment I enter until the the moment I leave. I always encounter Dr.Shephard mentoring his staff and confirming their assessments positively and with enthusiasm. His staff are always smiling and engage in an extremely professional playful rapport, and I think this culture along with the expertise is why I will continue my treatment needs and earnestly recommend the exceptional services of Dr.Shephard to any and all family & friends! Thank you Jay, for taking my personal health and wellness to a new level!

Adam on Google

As a client of Jays now off and on for years he has been nothing but the best to me! Always more than accommodating to immediately get me in with the best of care. His staff is always so welcoming as soon as you step into the practice making it a comfortable atmosphere to be in. I highly recommend Shephard Heath!!

Jillian on Google

When you walk in the door, you feel the welcoming, easy vibe. The staff is awesome; professional, knowledgeable and sooo friendly. And best part … range of motion is coming back in my shoulder – worst part – I don’t need to go back as often as I have been!

Kari on Facebook

The only place to go in town if you are having troubles with discomfort or pain! They care about you and want to genuinely help. They cured my Heal Spurs in both feet after 6 yrs of not being able to walk. The staff is awesome and very friendly. They are knowledgeable in so many different areas that I now go to them first if I have a problem. When I lived out of the country they were my first stop when back in town. Simply Excellent. Need I say more?

Nicole on Facebook

Have always been lucky to get in on short notice due to sporatic chronic lower back pain. This clinic is always incredibly busy and sometimes a bit chaotic. Quickly in and quickly out, kinda like the feeling of a “drive through fast food joint”. I do always leave happy, and “cured” after an ajustment and traction bed visit, but the service is very quick and sometimes rushed. So this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just don’t expect to be in a “relaxed spa” type of atmosphere. Being as busy as they are, clearly Dr Jay Shephard is successful, knowledgeable and has a great team working with him. I’d definately recommend this clinic to anyone i know, but would warn them that this isn’t a hair salon or spa, where you’re in a relaxed atmosphere. Get in, get fixed and get out.

Daniel on Facebook

I’ve seen alot of people who say they are good but seriously shepherd health is the best. Go see Jay he will fix you and if you don’t believe me check out his walls. Flames, kiss, football players, rodeo, dancer’s, bobsled there is just to many to say Trust me he is the best

Rob on Facebook

Jay and his merry crew were recommended to me by a friend. Absolutely awesome service. They create a super friendly atmosphere and drive any apprehension you have right out the door and put you at ease right away. From the minute you walk in they treat like you have known each other for years. So organized yet so light hearted about everything. Thank you all for my speedy recovery. I feel better than ever.

Graham on Facebook

I’m so happy I found this practice. Dr. Shepherd put my ribs back into place and I feel like 1 million bucks now. The staff is very professional cordial and miss you feel it is as well as Dr. Shepherd. I highly recommend this practice to anybody looking for treatment.

Lisa on Facebook

As a client of Jays for over 15 years, I’m very grateful to have met him and have him treat me. His professional manner and knowledge can’t be questioned. He has put me back together after accidents ,as well as help maintain my health. ..

Kennedy on Google

As a client of Jays for over 15 years, I’m very grateful to have met him and have him treat me. His professional manner and knowledge can’t be questioned. He has put me back together after accidents ,as well as help maintain my health.

Kennedy on Google

I can not say how grateful I am to have found Dr. Shephard and his team. I am amazed how at ease I was right from the minute I walked in. I have a hard time going to see practitioners as I suffer from anxiety. Reception, assistants, associate and Dr. Shephard himself have made me feel calm at ease and in the best care, never have I felt judged. I dont feel like a number but like I am with friends. I found them online in desperate pain and was able to get in immediately. Through multiple treatments each day has been better than the last and feel like I am on the path to recovery with Dr. Shephard. I recommend this place to everyone I know and cant thank them enough for their kindness or services.

Tanya on Google

I’ve suffered with severe tension headaches for my entire life but have progressed to migraines and at times, cluster headaches. Since seeing Dr. Shephard and his amazing team, I have not had a single cluster headache or 10/10 migraine! I feel so thankful that I get amazing relief for the debilitating pain. I appreciate you all!

Kendra on Google

I have battled various chronic sports injuries for years and although I found temporary relief at other clinics, the team at Shephard Health has been the only ones to make the pain go away and stay away. They’re timely, knowledgeable and always really nice. I highly recommend Shephard Health!

Cat on Google

For almost 20 years Shephard Health has been looking after my random injuries, and I have always been treated with kindness and respect. I recommend this clinic to all of my friends.

Land Rover on Google

I can say over and over this place is the bomb absolutely amazing friendly staff i cant get over it!!! You feel like family and the work they do really helped me through my accident i WILL NOT go anywhere else. Amazing prices too

Christy on Google

I was very happy with the care by Dr. Jay and his team. They were very welcoming, kind and competent. They were very attentive, even when the clinic was very busy. My injury has healed with their treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Jay Shephard and his staff.

Keltie on Google

Very professional organization with qualified personnel carrying out efficient methods of improving or repairing body functions at a reasonable cost. Have been using their facilities as required for approximately 15 years.

Colin on Google

Jayson Shephard is always accommodating to fit me into his schedule. He is conveniently open at 7 am which allows me time to get my health needs taken care of before a busy day. His staff are friendly and knowledgeable about any questions I have.

Jesse on Google

Very efficient clinic, staff and Dr. Shephard are very friendly and non judgemental.

Anonymous on RateMDs

I love the staff and have only had success with my chronic injury at this clinic but interacting with the chiros always feels rushed and superficial. The business hours seem to prioritize the doctors schedule and is challenging

Anonymous on RateMDs

Shephard Health is awesome. They have been helping me with a wrist injury and I am feeling so much better. All the staff is friendly and cares about my needs.

Anonymous on RateMDs

Everyone is friendly, efficient, and very good at what they do.

Anonymous on RateMDs

A pleasure going to Dr, Jay’s clinic. Everyone is very efficient and friendly.

Anonymous on RateMDs


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