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Rib Pain

Rib Pain

What Causes Rib Pain?

Are you suffering pain in your ribs? If you are experiencing rib pain, it may be sharp, dull, or an achy feeling that is felt at or below the chest or above your navel. The pain can be felt on either side of your ribs and may occur after an obvious injury or appear without any explanation at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain in your ribs can be due to anything from a simple pulled muscle to a much more severe fracture of your ribs. You may notice this pain immediately after an injury or it may develop slowly over time. Be aware that rib pain may be the sign of an underlying medical condition, so if you are experiencing unexplained rib pain without an obvious injury, you may want to check with your medical doctor immediately.

The most common causes are:

  • Broken ribs
  • Injuries to your chest or abdomen
  • Fractures to your ribs
  • Bone diseases such as osteoporosis
  • Inflammation in the lining of your lungs
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inflamed rib cartilage

Depending on the cause of your pain, if it is due to a minor injury or a pulled muscle or bruising, we will diagnose your rib pain and we may use a number of different treatment modalities to treat your condition. We may recommend chiropractic treatment along with Active Release Techniques as well as massage therapy to treat your particular pain. Additionally, in order to facilitate your healing we may recommend kinesio taping along with cold laser therapy to help alleviate pain and to promote the healing process.

Since there are many reasons why you may be experiencing rib pain, we will perform a complete exam to determine your cause. However, if you are experiencing severe pain when breathing or moving your body into a specific position, or if you are having difficulty breathing, then we recommend you seek emergency help. These symptoms may be the sign of an impending heart attack.

You can prevent rib cage pain due to muscle strains or sprains by stretching your muscles, using exercise equipment properly, and staying properly hydrated. If an illness is causing your rib cage pain, get plenty of rest and follow your doctor’s treatment plan. Self-care treatments, such as applying ice to injuries or taking hot baths to relax, can also help prevent pain.


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