Offering Custom Nutrition Counselling To Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Nutritional Counselling — More Than Just Weight Loss

The goal of our team of wellness providers is to help you understand the importance of proper nutrition and how it can transform your body, mind, and spirit. Our approach to nutrition includes principles that are used to identify the cause of your body's imbalance by reviewing your health history through a set of detailed questionnaires and one-on-one counselling. We analyze this information to determine the underlying cause of your specific health concerns and body dysfunction and offer a plan that deals with the root cause of your concerns. We also use this information to identify any potential roadblocks that could deter your future success.
Our programs involve the implementation of a wide range of delicious, whole foods — many of which are considered superfoods — combined with targeted supplementation, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and the appropriate lifestyle modifications to restore the bodies natural function.

NW Calgary Nutrition Counselling — Tailored to Meet Your Goals

Your nutritional counselling includes follow-up visits where we will analyze your food journals, guide you in your meal planning, food shopping, and food preparation. We also assist you with long-term goal setting, and we encourage and support you along your journey towards better health.

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