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Headache And Migraine Awareness Month: Can Chiropractic Treatments Ease Migraine Suffering?

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June is Headache and Migraine Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about migraine and other headache diseases. Migraines impact over 2.7 million Canadians with up to 600,000 suffering from chronic migraine (CM) pain. Migraine headaches are reported to be the #2 cause of disability worldwide. People who struggle with managing headache pain have often explored several treatment options ranging from over-the-counter (OTC) pain management to prescription medications and alternative medicines with varying results. Headache and migraine study is a very active area of research, but the causes of headaches are not always understood. Is it possible that Chiropractic Care can ease the pain of migraines and other headaches?

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic Care includes a range of treatment modalities focused on spinal health and musculoskeletal deficiencies. These treatment modalities can include:

Understanding Headaches And Migraines

The cause of headache and migraine pain and why some people seem to be more susceptible is not always understood. Here are some recognized triggers for migraines and headaches:

  • Certain foods like chocolate, cultured dairy products, and nitrates
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Stress
  • Excessive screen use
  • Poor posture and sedentary lifestyle
  • Environmental factors like bright lights, loud noises, and strong smells
  • Injury such as whiplash
  • Hormonal fluctuations

Just some of the common symptoms of headaches and migraines are:

  • Intermittent or constant pain ranging from a dull ache to a throbbing, pounding pain
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and smell
  • Vision abnormalities and eye pain
  • Nausea or vomiting and loss of appetite
  • Sinus or ear pain
  • Dizziness or fatigue
  • Irritability

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

OTC pain medications can help ease the pain of some headaches and migraines, but the relief is often temporary and they do nothing to address the underlying causes. Chiropractic Care is a safe and holistic approach to treatment that can help ease the pain of headaches and migraines and correct any deficiencies that may be triggering headaches in the first place. It is believed that there is a link between headache and migraine pain and nerve signals and blood flow. Here is how some of the chiropractic modalities can help patients suffering from headache and migraine pain:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment can help facilitate improved blood flow and nerve signals throughout the central nervous system. 
  • Soft tissue therapy such as Active Release Technique (ART®) can identify muscle tensions and abnormalities in soft tissue to break up adhesions and promote healing. 
  • Electrical, shockwave, and cold laser therapies can ease the pain of headaches and increase blood flow and cell regeneration in the treatment area to reduce the frequency and duration of headache and migraine pain. 
  • Physical Rehabilitation can work towards identifying any injuries that could be causing headache and migraine pain and restore blood flow, movement, and proper function to impaired areas of the body.
  • Nutritional Counselling can help patients identify food triggers and develop nutrition programs to create balance and optimal overall health. 

Relief from Headache And Migraine Pain With Shephard Health 

Headache and migraine pain is at best disruptive and at worst debilitating. If you are one of the 2.7 million Canadians dealing with occasional or chronic/frequent pain due to headaches or migraines consider Chiropractic Care to address the symptoms and the underlying causes of your suffering. Chiropractic Care provides a holistic approach to pain management and overall health with tailored strategies to help you achieve optimal wellness for a lifetime. To discuss assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of your headache pain, book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Shephard and the team at Shephard Health now. 

Dr. Shephard is one of Calgary’s Top 3 Rated Chiropractors. He and the team at Shephard Health use a variety of treatment modalities to relieve pain, restore movement and mobility, and achieve overall health and wellness at our NW Calgary clinic in Kensington. The Shephard Health team has over 20 years of experience in services ranging from Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression Therapy to Active Release Technique (ART®) and the treatment of disruptive conditions such as headaches and migraines. We offer a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to assure you that we are the right team to help you achieve your goals for complete wellness and pain-free living. Call us at 1-403-543-7499 or fill out the form to book your appointment.


Q: What are some of the most common conditions treated with chiropractic care?
A: Your chiropractor can use a variety of treatment options to address:

Q:  How do I know if my headaches are migraines?
A: Any pain in the head, face, or neck could be classified as a headache. This pain could be dull or throbbing and resolve shortly or last for several hours or even days. Headaches are often eased with OTC pain medications. A migraine is a more severe headache and is often characterized by the presence of other symptoms such as vision abnormalities, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. If you are unsure if your pain is due to headaches or migraines, see your chiropractic doctor for a thorough assessment. If your headache comes on quickly and is abnormally severe, lasts longer than 72 hours, or if you lose vision or consciousness, seek immediate emergency care.

Q: What exactly is a chiropractic adjustment?
A: You may have often heard this term to describe chiropractic treatment. An adjustment simply means realigning the spine with a series of maneuvers that unlock the joints, letting your body return to its natural position. Chiropractic manipulation is only one of the many techniques used at Shephard Health. We offer a variety of combined methods and techniques to reduce pain and increase body function in order to improve your overall health and wellness. Our Calgary chiropractic team approaches every patient individually, using evidence-based diagnostic testing and the latest treatments and techniques.

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