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If a person is suffering from lower back pain, it is often due to sciatica, an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This is the largest nerve in the body and it runs from the lower back down the hips, buttocks, legs, and into the feet. Although the pain is caused by tension or misalignment in the lower back, the irritation of this nerve can lead to pain in other areas of the body. One way to address sciatica is to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can be accomplished through various chiropractic techniques, sometimes used in conjunction with one another. Here are 4 treatments that can help relieve lower back pain.

4 Chiropractic Treatments To Consider If You Have Lower Back Pain

1. Chiropractic Care
Specifically a spinal readjustment. The actual term “chiropractic care” can be used as an umbrella term to describe various non-invasive ways of manipulating the body to reduce pain and inflammation. In this case, however, we are referring to chiropractic techniques such as realignments of the spine and a general assessment of your health. A chiropractor will need to discuss your pain with you and potentially feel the muscles in your back to assess what type of treatment will work best for you. They may also suggest exercises that can help build muscles to support areas of your back.

2. Spinal Decompression Therapy
Also referred to as SDT, this therapy gently stretches the spine using a computerized spinal decompression table. Your chiropractor will use a customized program that will stretch the back while using an oscillating motion to relieve negative pressure within the discs of the spinal cord. This will draw herniated or bulging discs back into their place and will help to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

3. Graston Technique
This technique uses stainless steel tools to target and break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The tools help your chiropractor feel where there is a buildup of scar tissue and they can be used to act as a deep tissue massage that breaks up the tissue and reduces stiffness. Breaking up scar tissue can help restore proper sciatic nerve function.

4. Massage
Many people associate massages with relaxing spa days, but when performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) they also offer health benefits. When your lower back muscles tense without release, they will continue tensing until they no longer can. This can trigger painful muscle spasms and can lead to intensely painful pinching of the sciatic nerve. Massages reduce muscle tension, which can help alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve while relieving tension before muscles reach the point of spasm.

Relieve Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic Care In Calgary

Don’t suffer from lower back pain. Sciatica can cause excruciating pain that can make you feel weak and helpless, but you’re not; chiropractic care can help you relieve your pain and get you feeling like yourself again. At Shephard Health, we offer various types of chiropractic care in Calgary so that you can find the technique or combinations of techniques that work for you. Whether you need spinal decompression, massage therapy, the Graston Technique, or more classic chiropractic services, our qualified team can help relieve your lower back pain. To start living a pain-free life, schedule a consultation with Shephard Health in Calgary at 1-403-543-7499.


Q: Why choose Chiropractic?
A: Chiropractic care is one of the largest primary health care professions in Canada, and approximately four and a half million Canadians visit a chiropractor every year for drug-free, non-invasive therapy. Dr. Jay Shephard is a NW Calgary chiropractor who tailors your treatment plan to include various modalities and therapies in order to best address your health care needs. Before starting your treatment, we evaluate your current health and past history of illness and/or injury to diagnose disorders related to the spine, nervous system, and joints.

Q: Is bruising normal after a treatment with Graston Technique?
A: Minor bruising and swelling can occur after a Graston treatment. This is normal and part of the healing process.

Q: Is massage therapy covered by insurance?
A: Many extended health insurance plans cover or supplement a specified number of massage therapy treatments and other chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. Shephard Health offers direct billing for many private insurance providers.



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