Foot Orthotics treatment in Calgary

Custom foot orthotics can be critical to living an active life free of pain that holds you back from enjoying the recreation and pastimes you enjoy. Misaligned and aching feet don’t only cause foot pain, but also back, neck, and knee pain as well. While some people are on their feet more often than others, whether for work or for pleasure, we all have to walk and we can all suffer from foot pain. While drugstores have generic shoe inserts to help with foot pain, these inserts may not be enough. If pain is constant, related to other aches and pains, or caused by abnormalities in the foot shape, these inserts won’t be sufficient and you should consider getting custom foot orthotics to reap their many benefits.

4 Benefits Of Custom Fit Orthotics

If you suffer from foot, knee, or back pain, you should ask your chiropractor about orthotics. Here are the 4 main benefits of custom orthotics.

  1. Efficiency and Effectiveness. There are premade, store bought orthotic inserts available, but these are designed for general fit and may not be right for you. Even if they’re the right size for your shoe, the thickness may not be appropriate and they won’t be targeting the areas your feet need most. Prescription custom foot orthotics are designed to specifically fit your feet and to target the cause of your foot pain and other related health issues.
  2. Support For Your Whole Body. Your feet are your foundation. If your feet are not supported, it doesn’t only result in foot pain, it can actually lead to back pain, knee pain, and more. Your feet balance your entire body weight and they can seriously affect your overall health. Having foot pain or misalignment doesn’t only affect your feet. Orthotics that are customized for you can alleviate foot pain, improve posture, and address biomechanical imbalances in your step.
  3. Alleviate Current Pain and Prevent Future Pain. Custom foot orthotics help to alleviate your pain in the moment, but they also prevent future pain. When you start wearing orthotics you will notice some immediate pain relief and orthotics can prevent you from developing corns, foot ulcers, calluses, or causing other foot related injuries. Orthotics will stop conditions caused by improper foot alignment from worsening. Orthotics help prevent sports injuries by keeping your feet aligned, making you less prone to injuries such as sprains.
  4. Correct Foot Abnormalities. Arches that are too high or too flat are a common cause of foot pain. The way the foot rests affects the position of your ankle and can cause rotation outward (supination) or inward (pronation). Custom foot orthotics will address these abnormalities and realign your feet. It’s important to remember that both feet are not always the same. Not only can your two feet have different abnormalities but they can be two different sizes and your legs can be different lengths. This requires a unique customization for each foot. You can accomplish this through custom foot orthotics, but not through store bought ones.

Put Your Foot Health In Good Hands

Getting custom foot orthotics is a simple, effective way to stop pain in its tracks. Put yourself onto a pain free path! The expert staff at Shephard Health have been practising for over 20 years and can help you get to the source of your pain and resolve it without invasive or painful procedures. Shephard Health uses the most innovative and effective chiropractic techniques and therapies to get you back on your feet faster. Located in Kensington in NW Calgary, our office is open every weekday and every second Saturday. To book your appointment, call 1-403-543-7499 and let the professional and accommodating staff help you figure out which services are right for you.


Q: Are orthotics covered by insurance?
A: Custom foot orthotics are not covered under provincial  healthcare. Some private insurance plans will cover custom foot orthotics so check with your provider.

Q: What are custom foot orthotics made from?
A: That depends on the needs of the wearer. Those who need more rigidity will likely have orthotics made from thermoplastic or carbon fibre whereas softer orthotics will be made from a high density foam. A combination of materials may also be used.

Q: Does Shephard Health take new orthopedic patients?
A:  Yes, we always welcome new patients with no referral needed!

Q: Can I wash my custom foot orthotics?
A: To clean your orthotics, wipe them with a damp cloth only. Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents on them and do not put them in the washing machine.



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