Chiropractic care in Calgary

Chiropractic care is a hands-on, non-invasive approach to diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal, joint, and nervous systems without medication and surgery.

Your chiropractor is uniquely qualified to treat:

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist pain
  • TMJ pain
  • Spine pain
  • Sciatica
  • Rib pain
  • Nerve pain

Some chiropractors will have additional training to focus on certain areas such as sports injury, rehabilitation, pediatric spinal care, and spinal stenosis. Your chiropractor provides patient-centered care to relieve your pain and restore your mobility. When you choose chiropractic care at Shephard Health, you are assured a comfortable and comprehensive wellness experience with an approach incorporating many modalities of treatment to meet your goals for healing and health.

What To Expect On Your First Visit

The first step of your visit is a detailed discovery of your health history and a discussion of your areas of concern and goals for treatment. Your chiropractor will ask you about illness and injuries, symptoms, impacts to movement and mobility, and pain.

This is followed by a hands-on examination of your areas of injury, assessment of movement and could also include orthopedic tests, range of motion assessment, and neurological tests. Your chiropractor will review any imaging that was previously performed and may request further diagnostic imaging such as x rays, ultrasound, or MRI.

Based on the information gathered, your chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan to help you meet your goals for wellness. This will include chiropractic adjustment, but could also include complementary therapies such as laser and shockwave therapy, spinal decompression therapy (SDT), Active Release Technique (ART), massage, Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse, and more to optimize your healing and recovery.

At your first visit you may begin receiving treatment right away and will likely have your first chiropractic adjustment after your initial assessment.

What Is An Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a skilled, safe, non-invasive, comfortable and gentle movement to reposition the spine and restore normal function. Your chiropractor could use just their hands or chiropractic instruments. An adjustment should be painless but you may hear popping and cracking as nitrogen gas is released from the joint. You may experience immediate relief, or it may take several sessions to experience the full benefits of adjustment.

Will Treatment Hurt?

A chiropractic adjustment itself should not be painful. First-time patients may feel awkward or uncomfortable with the movements and manipulations of and adjustment. Some patients experience an achiness after an adjustment similar to past-workout soreness. If you have existing pain, especially back or neck pain, you may experience intensifying discomfort in sensitive areas as the adjustment is performed. If your chiropractor uses other therapies in conjunction with your chiropractic treatment, there could be discomfort associated with these as well. Most of the time the discomfort is temporary and significantly less than the pain you have due to injury. If you experience pain during treatment, discuss this immediately with your chiropractor.

How Often Will I Need To Visit A Chiropractor?

Every patient will have a completely unique treatment plan based on their health, injuries, and goals for treatment. It is not uncommon to have adjustments and/or complementary therapies multiple times a week as you begin your journey to healing. As your healing progresses the number of treatments required will decrease. Once you move into the maintenance phase of wellness, you may only need to visit your chiropractor once or twice a month or even less.

Complimentary Consultation At Shephard Health

If you are considering chiropractic care and other complementary therapies to seek relief from pain, increase mobility or achieve holistic health and wellness, find a chiropractor who offers a complimentary consultation. This is a no obligation opportunity to meet with the chiropractic care team and:

  • Share your challenges, pains, and concerns
  • Discuss methods for diagnosis and assessments
  • Explore treatment options
  • Collaborate to design a journey to whole health and wellness

The team at Shephard Health is committed to providing personalized treatment solutions to our patients with thoughtful care and experienced competence. We offer a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to assure you that we are the right team to help you achieve your goals for wellness and pain-free living.  The Shephard Health team has over 20 years of experience helping patients achieve whole health and holistic healing with services ranging from chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation to Active Release Therapy and Biomechanical Analysis. You do not need to live with pain, reduced movement and mobility, or other limitations. Call us at 1-403-543-7499 to book your first appointment today.


Q: Why choose chiropractic care?
A: Chiropractic care is one of the largest primary health care professions in Canada, and approximately four and a half million Canadians visit a chiropractor every year for drug-free, non-invasive therapy. Dr. Jay Shephard is a NW Calgary chiropractor who tailors your treatment plan to include various modalities and therapies in order to best address your health care needs. Before starting your treatment, we evaluate your current health and past history of illness and/or injury to diagnose disorders related to the spine, nervous system and joints.

Q: How long will my first appointment take?
A: Please allow 45-60 minutes for your first visit and 15-30 minutes for follow-up treatments.

Q: Is Shephard Health accepting new patients?
A:  Yes, we always welcome new patients with no referral needed! The team at Shephard Health is available to consult with everyone interested in exploring the benefits of Chiropractic Care to address health concerns and pursue alternative or complementary treatments.



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