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Nerve pain, also called neuropathy, is caused by an injury that impairs the nerves that carry sensation to the brain. This pain can be described as shooting, stabbing, or burning. Nerve damage can sometimes cause symptoms of numbness, tingling, and weakness, such as in the case of sciatica. For people experiencing nerve pain and nerve damage, mobility, movement, sleep, and quality of life are affected. Nerve flossing is one treatment option for treating the pain associated with nerve damage and addressing the underlying cause. Nerve flossing can relieve pain and increase mobility and range of motion, helping you return to the activities you enjoy.

What is Nerve Flossing?

Nerve flossing is a therapeutic technique used to stretch and release targeted nerves that may be compressed, entrapped, or developing scar tissue. During nerve flossing, also known as nerve or neural gliding, one end of the injured nerve is pulled while the other end is kept relaxed. This gentle stretching frees the nerve of entrapments or adhesions and breaks up fibrotic scar tissue. By easing neural tension the normal nerve pathways are restored and nerve misfirings that signal pain to the brain are discouraged.

How Is It Done?

Nerve flossing refers to techniques aimed at restoring normal movement by alleviating neural tension. This can be accomplished through targeted stretching exercises. These exercise strategies can be customized for a variety of nerve injuries including sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, piriformis syndrome, and more. Nerve flossing is most effective when combined with other treatment modalities such as Active Release Technique (ART), physiotherapy, cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and massage therapy depending on your specific nerve injury.

Nerve flossing can also be accomplished with the use of Electro Acuscope and Myopulse technology. This is an electrotherapy treatment that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in feedback-modulated, micro-current sinusoidal (sloping) waveform patterns to gently stimulate tissues to reduce spasm and inflammation. It is self-regulating and responsive using feedback signal processing to adjust the waveform output. This two-part system is the most technologically advanced and effective neuromuscular therapy available to health practitioners at this time and is proven to accelerate tissue repair, reduce pain, and restore movement and mobility. 

Relieve Your Nerve Pain With Nerve Flossing At Shephard Health NW Calgary

Nerve flossing is an effective therapy to relieve nerve pain and address the underlying cause of nerve injury. By combining nerve flossing with other treatment modalities, patients can achieve restored mobility and movement and return to the activities they enjoy, pain-free. To explore your options for nerve pain relief and to understand if nerve flossing is the best therapeutic option for you, visit our NW Calgary wellness centre.

As one of Calgary’s Top 3 Rated Chiropractors of 2021, Dr. Shephard uses a variety of treatment modalities to heal and repair nerve injury and damage, restore movement and mobility, and achieve overall health and wellness at our NW Calgary clinic in Kensington. The Shephard Health team has over 20 years of experience in services ranging from Chiropractic Care, Cold Laser Therapy, and Shockwave Therapy to Active Release Technique and Massage. We are committed to providing personalized treatment solutions to our patients with thoughtful care and experienced competence. We offer a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to assure you that we are the right team to help you achieve your goals for wellness and pain-free living. Call us at 1-403-543-7499.


Q: What causes nerve pain?
A: Nerve pain occurs when there is damage to the nerve and it misfires, sending pain signals to the brain. Nerve pain can result from injury, poor blood supply to the nerve, vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, and diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

Q: How does Acuscope and Myopulse therapy work?
A: Pain, inflammation, infection, and disease all exist in an acidic cellular environment (low PH.) The Electro Acuscope and Myopulse instruments stimulate tissue repair at the cellular level. This therapy uses a very low-voltage micro-amperage current (millionths of an ampere), which gently prompts the affected cells, putting the tissue into a more alkaline environment (high PH.) Read more about it here.

Q: How will I know if nerve flossing is the right treatment for me?
A: If you are experiencing nerve pain or weakness, it is important to first figure out why. Our comprehensive consultation will help us determine why you are experiencing pain or weakness and help us determine the best strategy for healing and overall wellness for you. You can book a free complimentary consultation at any time. 



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