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Acuscope & Myopulse System

Acuscope & Myopulse System

What Is Electro Acuscope & Myopulse System?

It is a therapeutic medical device that was registered with the FDA in 1978. It meets the requirements in the category of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). It has unique features using feedback-driven micro-currents in waveforms compatible with living tissue.

There are two parts to the system. The first is Acuscope and the second is the Myopulse. The Myopulse, companion instrument to the Acuscope, gently stimulates connective tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) delivering electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in feedback-modulated micro-current sinusoidal (sloping) waveform patterns identical to that produced by contractile tissue. Reducing spasm and inflammation, restoring range of motion, and strengthening tissue damaged by traumatic injury, even in acute and chronic cases, the Myopulse can potentially produce improvement.

Together these two incomparable instruments comprise the most technologically advanced and effective neuromuscular treatment system available to health care practitioners today. As the only self-regulating electro-therapeutic micro-current devices on the market (feedback signal processing; e.g. the tissue impedance input continuously controls and adjusts the waveform output), this system is used for a wide variety of applications, acceleration of tissue repair, pain and stress management.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cells in the body produce a minute electrical charge. When an injury occurs, the micro-currents are disrupted. Blood flow is affected and after a short time, there is a resistant barrier around the injury. Because natural tissue repair is often incomplete, pain signals are generated to the brain; there may be lingering inflammation at the original site and tissue with low energy in the surrounding areas. The Acuscope can detect this and is programmed to deliver an optimal “boost” to the cells depending on their specific condition.

Using an operational program similar to a self-guided missile system, the micro-current targets damaged cells and gently encourages their return to normal conductivity by correcting their electrical signal. The effect of Acuscope micro-current stimulation is to restore cellular metabolism. The outer covering of a cell is called the cell membrane, which loses its electrical potential when damage occurs. Once restored to a normal level of charge, ion exchange begins again – enhancing the movement of nutrient intake and excretion of built-up waste products/toxins. Tissue regeneration begins when this happens and it does so at a staggering speed.

This current is administered through small probes applied to the skin’s surface. Treatment is non-invasive, in comparison to medication, surgical procedures, and needle acupuncture. Micro-current stimulation goes directly through the area where the pain is located; it also is applied to boost nerve conductivity from the brain to the spinal nerve roots and out to nerve endings in connective tissue. In trans-cranial micro-current therapy with the Acuscope, the ear clips or headbands are used, the effect causes the brainwaves to mimic an alpha pattern while in treatment mode. This enables the patient to experience relaxation, release tension in the mind, distributing relaxing waveform signals throughout the body via the nervous system. As a result, this also promotes the body’s ability to achieve tissue self-repair.

The Electro-Acuscope is different from conventional forms of electrical stimulation in that it facilitates tissue self-repair and promotes cell regeneration at an accelerated rate. The way it works is unlike ordinary milli-amperage nerve stimulation devices (ordinary TENS) which are only used to block pain signals from reaching and registering in the brain (like an anesthetic or analgesic drug). The Electro-Acuscope generates only the level of current required to gently encourage nerve fiber to return to conduction of normal, healthy electrical impulses. This causes cells of the body to “wake up”, increasing the production of the chemical ATP which is responsible for cellular energy production.

A series of treatments have a positive cumulative effect, like boosting the electrical charge of a trillion tiny batteries. The effect on most pain syndromes is remarkable and over 30+ years in medical practices has proven to be long-lasting.


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