motor vehicle accident care in Calgary

If you have been in a car accident, a motor vehicle accident care plan helps relieve pain and facilitate healing. Although motor vehicle accidents can be very serious, the average injuries are typically mild. You are likely to experience whiplash and perhaps a concussion from mild accidents. More severe injuries may require healing interventions to reduce the formation of scar tissue that can lead to stiffness, soreness, and a lack of range of motion. Whether your injuries are mild or severe, visiting a chiropractor for a personalized motor vehicle accident care plan will help to facilitate healing and reduce the future negative effects of untreated injuries. Here is how you can determine the right motor vehicle accident care plan for you.

Motor Vehicle Accident Care

  1. Assess The Severity Of Injury
    Depending on the severity of the auto accident, you will likely first be assessed by first responders. After you’ve been cared for and sent home, you should have a better understanding of what injuries you have sustained. If you are not taken to the hospital, see your general practitioner to assess the extent of injury you have suffered. Even if you have no broken bones or obvious injuries, you still need to see a doctor. Many people suffer from whiplash after even minor car accidents and you may have a concussion or internal bleeding that you are not aware of. It is also possible to not feel some injuries right away, as you may be in shock after the accident. Once you have been assessed by a doctor and informed of any injuries or health conditions to monitor, you will be able to seek appropriate treatment.
  2. Determine Ongoing Needs
    Some injuries will need one-time treatment, such as stitches, but others will require prolonged care. For example, sometimes people need physical rehabilitation after motor vehicle accidents or they need chiropractic care to relieve spine or neck pain. If you have suffered injury to the musculoskeletal system, you will likely need treatment more than once and you should speak with a chiropractor about establishing a motor vehicle accident care routine. This will let you know how often to receive treatment and how to properly pace yourself during recovery.
  3. Learn About Treatment Options
    When your musculoskeletal system is healing, you may require several different treatments. The motor vehicle care plan that is right for you will be individualized and based on your current injuries as well as any preexisting conditions. When your chiropractor recommends a motor vehicle accident care plan, ask about all of the treatments involved, including how many sessions may be needed, how long sessions might take, what you need to do by yourself at home, and how this motor vehicle accident care plan will address your injuries. Asking questions so that you are informed and know all about your own health is important for practical reasons while also ensuring you have a sense of control and realistic expectations about the recovery process. 
  4. Ask About Specialists And Specialized Equipment
    Some chiropractic techniques need to be performed by people with specific qualifications. For example, Active Release Techniques (ART®) can only be performed by ART® accredited specialists. Other treatments, such as spinal decompression, need specialized equipment. If your doctor or chiropractor has recommended any treatment, ensure that your chiropractic motor vehicle accident care plan can accommodate it.


Motor Vehicle Accident Care In Calgary

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, don’t wait to receive chiropractic care. The sooner you receive treatment, the less likely you are to later develop painful conditions caused by unaddressed injury. At Shephard Health, our staff is familiar with motor vehicle accident care and we can recommend a personalized recovery plan while handling all insurance paperwork so you can get the treatment you need without stress. To speak with the Shephard Health staff to schedule an appointment and assessment, either call 1-403-543-7499.



Q: I’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. What now?
A: After you’ve been treated by emergency services and/or have reported the incident to the police, contact your insurance provider to receive a claim number and contact information for your claims adjuster. After that, all you have to do is come in and provide us with this information and we will take care of everything else; your care, the paperwork for your insurance company, and all your billing directed to your insurance company.

Q: Will I just have spinal adjustments for my motor vehicle accident care?
A: After a comprehensive assessment, we will deliver a completely customized treatment plan to help you meet your goals for recovery. This could include chiropractic adjustments, but it may also involve a series of other chiropractic treatments including cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and more.

Q: Does chiropractic care hurt?
A: No. Depending on the type of treatment you receive, you may feel some pressure or unusual sensations, but you should not experience pain during treatment. You may feel sore after some treatments, but it should be similar to the soreness felt after a good workout.



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