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We offer the lowest price for
Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy in Calgary!

Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy in Calgary is an incredibly competitive procedure to have performed. While many Calgary Electro Acuscope Myopulse clinics charge from $100 to $250 per visit for this procedure. At Shephard Health we can offer Electro Acuscope Myopulse treatments for only $60 per visit* Price subject to change without notice.

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How are we able to do this?

Since we were one of the first clinics to offer this procedure in Calgary, pricing for Electro Acuscope Myopulse Treatments was normally set by the manufacturer of the Machine. However, at Shephard Health we have only ever considered those fees as a suggested guideline. Since we see such a large volume of patients in our practice, we would rather offer a highly competitive price for Electro Acuscope Myopulse Treatments and help more people rather than make a few extra bucks per treatment.

Additionally, since most insurance companies do not cover Electro Acuscope Myopulse Treatments, you have to pay out of pocket for this procedure. We feel that $100 to $250 per visit is an extremely expensive investment that most people cannot afford!

Treatments may be covered under extended health benefits provided by Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Sun Life, Manulife, RCMP/Veterans Affairs and Greenshield Coverage.

Is there any quality difference between Shephard and other Clinics?

The answer to this is a definite no! For $60 we offer exactly the same treatment as other Calgary Electro Acuscope Myopulse Clinics. However, we will be up-front with you and let you know that most times one visit for Electro Acuscope Myopulse is not enough to treat your ailment and that multiple appointments may be required. In fact, Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy can be more effective when combined with our other services such as Active Release Therapy (ART), general chiropractic care and Cold Laser Therapy. Even with multiple procedures being performed, we still offer one of the lowest prices for Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy in Calgary!

How Does It Work?

Did you know that the cells in your body produce a minute electrical charge? So when an injury occurs, the micro-currents are disrupted. Blood flow is then affected, and after a short time, there is a resistant barrier around the area of the injury. Because natural tissue repair is often incomplete, your pain signals are generated and sent to the brain. Consequently, there may be lingering inflammation at the original site of the injury and tissue with low energy in the surrounding areas. The Electro Acuscope can detect this and is programmed to deliver an optimal “boost” to the cells depending on their specific condition.

The micro-current generated by the Myopulse then targets damaged cells and gently encourages their return to normal conductivity by correcting the electrical signal. The effect of the Acuscope micro-current stimulation is to restore normal cellular metabolism. Once restored to a normal level of charge, ion exchange begins again – enhancing the movement of nutrient intake and excretion of built-up waste products/toxins*. Tissue regeneration begins when this happens and it does so at a staggering speed.

How Many Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatment sessions will vary depending on your condition, however, laser therapy treatments can have a cumulative effect, and several treatments are typically required.

Manual therapy is recommended as a complementary therapy to Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy Treatments, as it can speed the healing process by breaking down adhesion’s, increasing muscle mobility and increasing arterial and lymphatic circulation. ART and Graston Technique are the most effective manual therapy methods used in conjunction with Electro Acuscope Myopulse Therapy.



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