Nerve Pain Therapy in Calgary

Sciatica is a common nerve condition that can affect up to 40% of people at some point in their lives. The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back and branches out to continue down your hips, buttocks, and legs. The pain associated with sciatica can range from a dull ache to excruciating and seems to radiate down the legs. It can sometimes feel like a jolt of electricity and may cause weakness, numbness, or tingling. Severe sciatica can even impair healthy bowel and bladder function. In most cases, mild sciatica will resolve on its own, but if the nerve pain of sciatica or other symptoms are impacting your movement, mobility, or enjoyment of life, intervention might be necessary. Chiropractic care is an effective way to treat the symptoms of sciatic and can address many underlying causes.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is triggered when your sciatic nerve becomes pinched or inflamed. Some common causes of sciatica are:

  • Herniated disk
  • Vertebrae bone spur
  • Tightened muscle structures surrounding the sciatic nerve
  • Injury
  • Wear and tear
  • Tumor
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy and childbirth

When To Seek Treatment
If you have sudden severe pain in your lower back or leg, the pain is due to a fall or sudden injury, or if you lose control of your bowels or bladder, seek immediate medical care. Mild sciatica will usually go away on its own with stretching exercises, ice and heat treatment, and lifestyle changes but if your symptoms last longer than a week or if your pain becomes progressively worse or is severe, you should seek treatment from your chiropractor. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Ease The Pain of Sciatica
Your chiropractor focuses in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions like sciatica using spinal adjustment and other techniques to restore proper function and movement and for long-lasting results. After a comprehensive assessment and examination, your chiropractic will design a holistic treatment strategy to address your sciatic nerve pain and the underlying causes. Here are some of the treatment modalities your chiropractor may use:

  • Massage Therapy: Certain massage techniques can relieve tension in the muscle structures surrounding the sciatic nerve reducing inflammation and relieving pain.
  • Active Release Technique (ART®): ART® uses specific tools for soft tissue manipulation and movement along your sciatic nerve pathway to break up adhesions and promote blood flow for faster healing.
  • Chiropractic Treatment: Your chiropractor will use gentle and controlled movements to realign your spine to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve and restore proper function.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: This technique uses focused light energy to target sciatic nerve injuries to accelerate tissue repair and cell growth.
  • Graston Technique: The Graston Technique makes use of stainless steel instruments to identify restrictions and adhesions and break up scar tissue restoring proper sciatic nerve function.
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy: SDT is a computer-aided treatment that gently stretches the spine allowing herniated disks to move back into alignment and relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Nerve Flossing: Nerve flossing breaks down the build up of fibrotic scar tissue by stretching the tissues surrounding it.

A Holistic Approach To Treat Sciatic Pain And Its Cause 

The team at Shephard Health uses the most advanced and effective chiropractic care services to address the pain and impairment to movement and mobility caused by sciatic nerve injury. We also address the conditions, restrictions, and underlying impairments that cause sciatica. Using a combination of cutting-edge treatment modalities we strive to relieve your discomfort, restore proper function, and improve your quality of life. 

To explore your options for affordable, effective, and safe ways to activate your body’s own healing powers, relieve the symptoms of sciatica, and achieve optimal physical performance and overall wellness, book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Shephard and the team at Shephard Health now.

Dr. Shephard is one of Calgary’s Top 3 Rated Chiropractors. He and the team at Shephard Health use a variety of treatment modalities to relieve pain, restore movement and mobility, and achieve overall health and wellness at our NW Calgary clinic in Kensington. The Shephard Health team has over 20 years of experience in services ranging from Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression Therapy to Active Release Technique (ART®) and the treatment of a wide range of sports injuries. We offer a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to assure you that we are the right team to help you achieve your goals for complete wellness and pain-free living. Call us at 1-403-543-7499 or fill out the form to book your appointment.


Q: Which treatment for sciatica pain will work best?
A: After a comprehensive assessment including a detailed history and a hands-on examination, our team will create a completely customized treatment strategy that will work best for you. This approach lets us combine several treatment modalities to tailor your treatment to your unique symptoms, causes, physiology, and goals for treatment.

Q: How does Nerve Flossing for sciatica work?
A: During a Nerve Flossing treatment one end of the nerve is stretched while the other end is kept relaxed. This technique frees the nerve of entrapments and adhesions along its pathways restoring proper function and free movement.

Q: Why choose Chiropractic?
A: Chiropractic care is one of the largest primary health care professions in Canada, and approximately four and a half million Canadians visit a chiropractor every year for drug-free, non-invasive therapy. Dr. Jay Shephard is a NW Calgary chiropractor who tailors your treatment plan to include various modalities and therapies in order to best address your health care needs. Before starting your treatment, we evaluate your current health and past history of illness and/or injury to diagnose disorders related to the spine, nervous system, and joints.



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